Виллы категории "люкс" на острове Закинф, Греция

In order to ensure a pleasant stay and avoid any misunderstandings please read Artina Luxury Villa (the “Villa”) Accommodation Policy.

By confirming a reservation the guest fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this Accommodation Policy:

  • 1. Upon arrival the guest (the “Guest”) are required to show a copy of their ID/Passport to the property owner, the host, or any other person assigned by the owner (the “Host”). In case the Host needs to keep the Guest details for their records they are obliged to take a photo on the spot and return the documents to the Guest.
  • 2. The Host has no right to enter the villa or use the Guest's personal belongings without prior announcement to and permission from the Guest. The host can enter the apartment in the absence of the guest only when there is reason to believe that the apartment or guest is in danger or that the guest violated the property rules.
  • 3. The Host is not responsible for the guest's belongings, but will do anything in their power to protect and warn the guest of possible dangers.
  • 4. Pets are not allowed. Guests bringing pets without prior agreement is not allowed, and the Host has the right to cancel the reservation without any refund or apply extra charges.
  • 5. Events, including parties and loud music are not welcomed in the villa without prior notice and written permission from the Host. In case you would like to host an event or party during your stay please inform the Host well in advance.
  • 6. Please take good care of the Villa and surrounding areas. Turn off electric appliances, taps, electricity and gas when not using them or when you are out of the villa.
  • 7. Do not leave the air-conditioner on if there is no need, for example, while you are out of the house. Do not use it with open windows and doors.
  • 8. Please close all the doors and windows when out.
  • 9. Persons who are not the villa guests are not allowed to stay overnight, to reside all day long at the premises or use the house appliances without explicit consent of the Host. In case unregistered persons or persons that are not announced during reservation are found in the Villa, the Host has the right to cancel the reservation without any refund or apply extra charges.
  • 10. If absent from the Villa for longer than two (2) days, please notify the Host.
  • 11. The Guest who causes damage to the Villa on purpose or by accident will have to make restitution for the full amount of damage. At the day or arrival the Guest are requested to inspect the Villa for any minor issues or damages and report anything worthy of attention.
  • 12. At the day of their departure, the Guest is obliged to invite the Host to check in their presence all areas of the Villa as well as the appliances for any damages. Only then the Guest is allowed to depart. Damages evaluated to more than 50 EUR may be required to be paid before departure. All unreported damages will be charged to the Guest’s credit card or if not possible, will be claimed afterwards in a lawsuit against the Guest.
  • 13. On the day of arrival, the Guest may enter the property after 2:00 p.m. local time and at the day of the departure, the Guest is kindly requested to vacate the Villa until 11 a.m. local time so that the Villa may be cleaned and prepared for other guests. An earlier check in or/and later check out may be possible if the Villa is available, always after the consent of the Host. Extra charges may apply.
  • 14. The Guest who violates property policies and disturbs the peace will be unconditionally refused accommodation. In case the Host cancels the reservation due to violation of property policies, the Guest will be required to pay the total amount for the stay during the whole reserved period, regardless of a shorter stay.
  • 15. In case the Guest decides to depart earlier than agreed, payment must be arranged for the whole period reserved.
  • 16. In case there is any balance to be paid upon arrival the payment is required to be made within twenty-four (24) hours from the arrival time unless the booking policies specify otherwise.
  • 17. By consenting on the above before finalizing the reservation it is agreed that upon arrival and check-in, the Guest is familiar with the Accommodation Policy and agrees to obligations and conditions prescribed by it.
  • 18. Any disputes that cannot be resolved in agreement with the Host will be resolved through police intervention or in legal proceedings.
  • 19. Complaints will be considered only if they have been reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.

Events Hosting

In case the guest is hosting an event such as a wedding ceremony, reception or party the following policies apply in addition:

  • 1. Bound by the greek law, loud music after midnight is not permitted in any case.
  • 2. At least one person chosen by the Host will be attending the event to ensure guests safety and security.
  • 3. The usage of fireworks or other fire-risk products has to be communicated to the Host prior to the event in order for the proper permissions from the local authorities to be issued and for proper placement according to weather conditions.

  • - Check-in anytime after 2:00 PM (local time)
  • - Check-out anytime before 11:00 AM (local time)

Violation of property policies could result in cancellation of the reservation and the possibility of Guest fully charged up to the full price of stay regardless of an earlier forced departure. The Accommodation Policy follows the custom and practice of the tourism industry.